Lucky Dog Outfitters

All-natural, biologically appropriate pet food.

Durable, USA made toys.
Healthy, all-natural treats.
Quirky, impressive human gifts.
Adorable, high-quality pet clothes.
Lots and lots of collars.
The coolest looking bakery treats you’ll ever see.

Dogs, Cats, Small Animals….we have only the best for your fur babies.

Although, our products are only HALF the story. The other half is what separates us from OTHERS. Our friendly, helpful staff who have a deep knowledge of all of our products.

Desperate to find a pet food that won’t aggravate Fido’s food allergies? We can help you.

Need a toy that will last longer than five, chew-filled minutes? We know the toy just for you.

Need to find a gift for your two-legged friend who already has EVERYTHING? We got you.

Need a food for the most persnickety cat the world? Psh, no problem!

Need a Royal’s jersey for your dog for the tailgate? Bring them in for a fitting!


You are welcome to bring your pets into our store! Please keep your pets leashed. We look forward to seeing you and your pet! 

Lucky Dog Outfitters & Pet Supply
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Lawrence, Kansas 66044
M-F 10am-7pm
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